Things to consider when choosing a name for your brand

brand name

Your business name is an important part of your brand identity. Finding the right choice for your brand is not really a walk in the park since most of the good ones are taken – or so it seems at a first glance. But it’s not impossible.

Your name and your brand are two inseparable concepts. These two together need to connect to audiences in one way or another.

With the name comes great expectations. And with great expectations comes great responsibility. More specifically, your name will give rise to some perceptions among your customers and will make it possible for them to want to know more about you. Or not. And that means you have to live up to their expectations and to the promise your brand makes.

A name is a call to action

When you pronounce something – a word, a phrase, anything – your mind immediately starts making connections.

Perhaps a color, a shape, an experience, a feeling, a place, a state of mind. When you’re in the process of naming something, keep in mind that it – the name – needs to have a purpose.

Now, without further ado, when naming your company don’t forget to:

Keep it simple

And make it sound good. Obscure names are not only difficult to write and pronounce. They’re forgettable. And as a result, they’ll give your designers some hardcore headaches when they’ll start working on the logo. Besides, it won’t benefit your WOM advertising at all. Just keep the name simple, short, and to the point.

Give it a meaning

Words. We usually take them for granted. We learn the letters of the alphabet – and as many words as we can. Then we make all sorts of combinations following the grammatical basic rules of syntax of a language. We can’t hear and read moods or anything but besides labeling and pointing towards something, one single word can outline a whole environment. The name of your brand should do that. It should make sense.

Make it memorable

Names are much more than random labels that are useful for telling things apart. You ‘re not being called in a certain way. You ‘re that thing. The same goes for your brand. Recognition starts with a name. Better make sure you’re not throwing your company to the average names bin.

Make the name punchy

Go for something that isn’t already in use. Something everybody in your team agrees on. And something that reflects the personality of your brand. Also, make it punchy. Badass, if you will. If breaking the status quo will help you express yourself and connect to others, then do it. Break it. Thinking differently won’t get you far. You already missed that train 🙂 You gotta act. Start with your name.


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